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July 5, 20210

We train for, and compete in, club, national, and international swimming competitions, while other members just swim to stay fit.

With the advent of a public pool in Gozo looming over the horizon otters ASC have been pondering for a while to have a swimming squad in order to participate in local as well as foreign meets.  The otters swim team will consist of members who are competitive swimmers from the ages of 10 onwards.  Our swimmers will begin by learning the swim strokes at our swimming school and these will then be allowed to join the competitive teams once they have reached the level required to compete at national level.  We aim to have a Junior Squad (ages 8+) and Senior Squad (children ages 13+).  Becoming a member of these squads would be a natural progression from our Swimming School. The main aim and primary role at this later stage would be to perfect technique and increase the swimmers’ strength and speed. At the same time we endeavour to impart good team work, correct social and educational values as well as discipline. Teaching our members to set personal goals and working hard to achieve those goals; learning to set and achieve harder goals and work hard for their personal best in a team environment

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