News50 Years of Otters Aquatic Sports Club

July 5, 2021


During 2021 Otters Aquatic Sports Club will be commemorating the 50th Anniversary from the Club’s foundation in 1971. The Club has rebranded its emblem, logo and merchandising equipment so this achievement is given the publicity it deserves.

The club has also embarked on an organisational reshuffle in order to be able to face newly presented challenges and be more effective and efficient.  This included the drawing of an organisational charges with specific roles given to the different committee members and volunteers that help in the smooth running of the club.

As part of the anniversary celebrations the club has worked hard and also managed to tap EU funds for the construction of a new website which includes a learning platform for its young members as well as other funds for a project named “swimpolo campaign” aimed at putting the club onto the local map.  These funds also helped in the acquisition of much needed equipment to be used for the said project which then will also be used by the club to service its members and clients.


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